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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Amazon may give UPS and Fedex the Boot!

One of Atlanta-based United Parcel Service Inc.’s (UPS) big retail customers - Inc. - will lease its own fleet of 767 cargo jets to move merchandise. There has been a lot of talk that Amazon (AMZN) might set up its own delivery service that would compete with UPS and FedEx. 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

White Glove delivery and assembly

Damage to your merchandise when delivered by large shipping companies! Often times in our experience when we show up at a customers house to assemble something they got delivered by a large shipping company, the box and the product are damaged! Causing added cost and delays to enjoying your purchase. Having the product picked up and delivered from the store often lessens the chance for damage because it doesn't have to be transferred numerous times to and from trucks and sorting equipment! This is called white glove delivery and is worth every penny! The large company will not bring the product into your room of choice, thereby because of the weight and size, you would have to hire someone to come move it any ways! Might as well have them assemble it also. All added expense and time when you could streamline the process and get white glove service! It may even be cheaper than all the fore mentioned steps!

Advent of retail stores closing! Online ordering!

Now companies like NCS Courier can come assemble your online purchase at your home or deliver your purchase to your home from the retail store!

Treadmill Assembly

NCS can deliver and assemble your fitness equipment!